FEM Analysis

In the field of numerical simulations, P&M proposes structural studies through modern innovative software.

The focus is to create a new design, reducing the time and cost of the prototyping phase, optimizing the materials used and the performance of product under design.

Through these numerical codes, we investigate critical issues such as:

Our analysis includes the study of whole structures as well as specific components.

In the numerical analysis the used loads are various. Where available, P&M uses that in accordance with norms or client guidelines.

Where operating conditions are difficult to forecast, P&M carries out campaigns of experimental investigations, focused in pointing out the real operating loads.

This is achieved, among others, by force, pressure, vibration, strain, acceleration, or displacement sensors. These data are imported in the simulation software to obtain the real test loads.

In this way, the numerical simulations allow to analyze the most different structural aspects including: