Among the services provided, P&M assists for the realization of CAD (Computer Aided Design) both with remote working and by Resident Engineer.

Our personnel can develop 3D models as well as 2D drawings using many different commercial CAD softwares:

The projects created are composed by parts and assemblies, mechanically coupled, bolted or welded, completed by 2D drawings with plans, view and sections, detailed by each dimension and tolerance needed.

Furthermore, we build databases of mechanical components, available in different projects, characterized in dimension, geometry and material.

If the implementation of parts C.A.D. is necessary to perform numerical structural, fluid dynamics, acoustic and thermal studies, P&M operates directly through integrated platforms in FEM packages like Space Claim.

When C.A.D. has to be the result of a reverse engineering approach, P&M uses portable 3D scanners to point out a STL file that contains all the features needed for a highly detailed reconstruction of the part.