The design that we offer to our customers is complete.

The first step is the concepting: defining the core idea, the peculiarity of a new product, its style, its performance or its technology. In this phase, a teamwork between P&M and our customers is needed in order to achieve a shared synthesis of what the final result should be, the attraction for the buyer.

In the second step the assistance moves on three-dimensional CAD phase when we begin to give technical shape to the idea with parts, assemblies, interferences or renderings.

P&M gives technical life to your and our ideas, evaluating the solidity of a CAD in terms of feasibility, materials, commercial components, performances, assemblies, maintainability and any other significant engineering aspect.

In this way, the numerical design can be performed. In this regard, P&M uses all its skills to optimize a product, indicating where to act to increase performance and reliability or where it is possible to reduce production costs.

The analysis ends when finals drawings can be produced by a 3D optimized model.

When the final phase of the design begins, P&M plans and carries out bench or field tests to verify and validate the products.

If requested, the experimental results are also used for the creation of the dossier necessary for the CE marking.

Everything done is then entirely transferred to the customer that can start the manufacturing process.

The final result is the creation of a winning product in which our customer recognizes the added value of P&M.