Operating in the engineering sector, where applied research can be carried out with fruitful results, P&M firm is focused on offering assistance in Product & Process Innovation phases, supported by monitoring and diagnostics skills.

For these aspects, we propose cooperation characterized by:

In this way, our skills bring in-product value for the SMEs as well as technical and scientific development for the big industrial companies.

The choice to rely on external support allows companies not to foreclose on modern design tools without fixed costs for the permanent research structure.

P&M Studio offers its partners a combination of advanced experimental techniques and modern computer codes, we want to support and integrate the R&D activities of companies with.

Our university background also ensures adequate capacity for transfer operational methodologies and know-how to the company staff by coordinated projects and targeted training courses.

The engineering tools needed are selected among the most advanced technology that the market offers, or specially designed to customer requirements.

The goodness of the products produced is ensured by our scientific competence within metrology and diagnostic area, as demonstrated by scientific publications made on national and international journals, as well as the long experience gained in various national universities and foreign research centers.

Our partnerships are also characterized by maximum protection of every managed aspect, by establishing appropriate confidentiality and exclusivity agreements for the protection of the company.