Research Areas

Thermal analysis

Use of probes with differential thermocouples for monitoring the heat flow

Thanks to the misuristic experience at the Von Karman Institute in Brussels, we have acquired the knoledge about the classic techniques to measure non-contact heat flows and experimental characterization of probes for critical temperatures to be inserted into plasma jets.


Use of heat flow for indirect measures

We make technical studies for the monitoring of heat flux, focusing the research on developing non-intrusive measures with use of infrared thermography.

This work was made possible by the availability of a high thermal resolution system from the Department of Industrial Engineering, as well as all the basic instrumentation used in thermal applications such as thermometers, thermocouples, resistance thermometers, pyrometers and thermostatic baths.

Research fields has expertise in the use of thermoelastic measurement technique for monitoring the stress state of surface of mechanical parts, dynamically stressed.

Thermoelastic applications are made on car frames and axles of vehicles, as well as external aerodynamics studies through innovative measurement techniques capable of monitoring the heat flow convective of spontaneous fluid-structure interaction, in order to provide information on boundary layer.

Acoustic analysis

Methods of measurement for the characterization of fluid-structural causes of noise

The aim of the research was to develop campaigns of synchronous sperimental tests to characterize the nature of the noise sources in vibro-acoustic and aeroacoustics problems.

The analysis was fully completed with the correlation between the characteristic frequencies of the acoustic spectrum recorded and the source channels, each of which was provided a relative weight.

This research is performed with classical instruments used in sound and vibration problems, such as proximity sensors, accelerometers, capacitive microphones, reflective encoder and intensimetric acoustic.

Measurements of contact pressures

Characterization and use of capacitive arrays

The target of this research is the experimental characterization of the transmissibility of the human body to vibration induced by mechanical machinary.

Among the many applications there is the distribution of contact pressure in the heart pumps.

Use of capacitive arrays for the study of ergonomics professional knives

This research activity has like target the experimental evaluation of ergonomics handle of professional knives, in order to obtain a more efficient product for the operators of the sector.

Measurements of displacement and deformation

Use of fiber optic sensors Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) for monitoring structural deformations and displacements

The most important experience was the coordination of activities undertaken on behalf of FILAS with the partnership between the Region of Lazio and H2CU on the promotion of italian spin-offs for the production of fiber optic sensors FBG and supervised collaboration between H2Cu and Italferr for monitoring noise barriers of High Speed Railway line Rome-Naples.

Use of thermoelastic systems for the study of stress field on systems reverse stress

The thermoelastic measure technic displays the map of experimental solicitation of any mechanical piece submitted to fatiguing stress.

Renewable energy

Excellent knowledge of passive cooling systems, especially in roofs and curtain walls, studied both in terms of numerical and experimental analysis as well as excellent knowledge of the main processes of thermochemical conversion of biomass.

In particular the pyrolysis was studied both in terms of plant engineering through the design of a mini-pyrolyzed rotating drum, both in terms numerical analysiss, through the implementation and development of models based on the kinetics of degradation of biomass.

Fluid dynamics measurements

Experimental structural analysis

Numerical structural analysis

Thermo-fluid dynamic numerical analysis


Development and applications of fiber optic sensors with Fbg

Measurement of the internal pressure of containers