Experimental Tests and Measurements

Coming from Thermal and Mechanical Measurements Italian Group, and years of experience at various national universities as well as the major European research institutions, such as the Von Karman Institute in Brussels, P&M firm is specialized in the development of measuring chains and experimental tests to be performed either on filed or at bench.

In a modern product innovation approach, the testing is the only reliable tool for investigation of specific and critical technical aspects as well as the definitions of the actual conditions of the system or for the validation of results obtained by numerical analysis.

Combining experimental tests and numerical software, P&M proposes the implementation either traditional or innovative measuring chains that can be realized by commercial or ad hoc solutions.

Nevertheless, wherever is required a continuous monitoring of operating conditions, we design and make test benches for product and process control, verification and validation.

The target areas are different and transverse as well as proposed metrological techniques, in which the same sensor is used indifferently from agri-mechanics to nautic, from railways to industrial, from aerospace to food and beverage. The aim is to provide clients with an experimental tool to investigate properly the technical aspects of interest.

Each experimental campaign we carry out is supported by the use of software for signal processing, which converts the recorded data into an easy-to-read informatics format for the business partners.

P&M offers solutions for monitoring of:

and any other parameter of interest in structural, fluid dynamics, acoustic and thermal field.